• IJTB (International Journal of Technology And Business)

    IJTB: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS published by LPPM ESQ BUSINESS SCHOOL. IJTB is published twice a year, March and October, ijtb includes research in the field of • Character Building.
    • Information Technology: Computer Security, Computer Vision and Image, Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Medical Image Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Information Systems In Developing Countries, Information Systems In Business Development, Intellegent Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, Information Forensics, Oriented Architecture (SOA).
    • Information System: Database Management Systems, E-business and E-commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management
    • Business Management: Corporate responsibility, Ethics and Accountability, Social Entrepreneurship, Resources Management & Sustainable Development, Managing Technology & Innovation, Accounting and Finance. language use in english


    I-STATEMENT is a scientific journal of Information System and Technology Management, which contains scientific papers on pure and applied research in the field of Information Technology and Management as well as general reviews about the development of related theories, methods and applied sciences.


    I-STATEMENT is published by  ESQ School of Management Science and Computer Science (STIMIK ESQ) and the Indonesian International Association of Scientists (I-4). Editor invites researchers, practitioners and students to write the development of science in the field related to Information System and Technology Management.